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Finding Your Totem Animals

Native American tradition recognises that we are related to all things on our Mother Earth and that the animal, plant and mineral worlds have much to teach us on our life's journey.
These powerful teachings may be revealed to you in visions or dreams or during quiet reflection, meditation or prayer if you give yourself time for this. 

How will you know your Power Animals ?

There are many ways - for example, you may have a strong affinity for a particular animal or you
may suddenly and unexpectedly see a creature while awake or dreaming. Sometimes you may
learn it from a wise person who perceives your helpers. You might also consider the animal guides linked to your birthdate.

However it comes to you, spend time with your animal, asking what lessons it brings. Reflect
deeply on its way of life and habits, its strengths and weaknesses and how these are relevant to
your own characteristics or circumstances and the changes you may need to make.

Many animals will come to guide you, some briefly and others throughout your life. Remember to thank your animals and seek practical ways to give something of value back to the animal world.

Power Animal Guides linked to your Birthdate

Your Birth Totem belongs to the South and teaches you from a place of trust and innocence, your creative inner child.

Your Spirit Keeper sits in the East and guides your spiritual growth and brings illumination.

Your Clan Animal belongs to the West and a place of inner knowing and intuition, it helps you to discover your true self.

Capricorn - Snow Goose - Buffalo Spirit Keeper - Turtle Clan
Aquarius - Otter - Buffalo Spirit Keeper - Butterfly Clan
Pisces - Cougar - Buffalo Spirit Keeper - Frog Clan
Aries - Red Hawk - Eagle Spirit Keeper - Thunderbird Clan
Taurus - Beaver - Eagle Spirit Keeper - Turtle Clan
Gemini - Deer - Eagle Spirit Keeper - Butterfly Clan
Cancer - Woodpecker - Coyote Spirit Keeper - Frog Clan
Leo - Sturgeon - Coyote Spirit Keeper - Thunderbird Clan
Virgo - Bear - Coyote Spirit Keeper - Turtle Clan
Libra - Raven - Bear Spirit Keeper - Butterfly Clan
Scorpio - Snake - Bear Spirit Keeper - Frog Clan
Sagittarius - Elk - Bear Spirit Keeper - Thunderbird Clan

Below are some starting thoughts, drawn from many Native American writers. The book, Medicine Cards by Jamie Sams & David Carson is particularly recommended and includes lots more animals.

Bear belongs to the West and is one of the most powerful spirit guides and brings the gifts of intuition, self knowledge and spiritual wisdom. Bear is powerful and fearless, especially when protecting the cubs, but also teaches us to be mindful of our limitations - sometimes we need to exercise caution.

Beaver is the great builder. It brings the power of family and home and teaches us to keep lots of options open to stay safe and prosper.

Buffalo belongs to the North. It was held sacred by the Plains Indians who obtained nearly
everything they needed from the American Bison. Buffalo brings us power and endurance to walk
the Good Red Road of pure intent that leads to health and happiness. It represents the sustenance that brings renewal and rebirth after a hard winter.

Totem of the Air Clan, Butterfly protects all that is beautiful and holds the secret of change and transformation. It teaches us to live life with intensity.

 Cougar or Mountain Lion
Cougar, like all big cats, has perfect balance and harmony. It shows us how to protect ourselves from injury in our physical activities, and how to conceal our fears when strength and leadership
are needed.

The power of the South makes Coyote bold, impetuous, creative, charming and youthful. Coyote challenges the status quo and sometimes comes unstuck but is always a survivor. Following Coyote won't make you a fortune but you know that material wealth isn't the source of true happiness.

Deer brings healing through the power of love and gentleness. She treads softly and has the
amazing ability to appear and disappear in the wink of an eye.

Elk's power comes from the Earth and the Great Mystery. Elk medicine helps us know when our true soulmate appears. Regal and impressive, Elk brings confidence when you are unsure of yourself but if you are aware of your gifts, Elk teaches the wisdom of modesty.

Eagle holds the power of the East and is the sacred messenger, flying high to carry our prayers to
the Great Spirit and returning with gifts of illumination and clear vision. Eagle helps us see the
bigger picture, to rise above our earthly concerns, and reminds us to pay attention to what really matters in life.

Spirit of the Water Clan, Frog sings the song that calls the rain to Earth. It teaches us to know when
it is time to purify, refresh and replenish the soul.

Horse brings the gift of freedom, power and speed. Horse medicine will help you travel safely on your life's journey, whether physical or spiritual. Horse reminds us of the importance of
relationships and the need to slow down and make time for those we love.

Otter is playful and joyous. It teaches us to share generously and not hold onto possessions. Through Otter, we learn to trust that our needs will be met.

Raven is the keeper of magic and the power of the unknown. With Raven, something special is in
the air. Will you recognise it and use it to grow spiritually ?

 Red Hawk
Red Hawk is the great communicator. It helps us make sense of the conversations within our head and gives a clear voice to our ideas.

Snake sheds its skin each year and teaches us to welcome change as an opportunity for growth, and to let go of the past. It represents the power of Fire, passion and energy.

 Snow Goose
Snow Goose brings clarity to our earthly dreams. Snow Goose helps us trust our intuition about which way to go and to know instinctively when it is right to change direction. Some say you can never go back. Snow Goose teaches us that you certainly can and sometimes should.

Sturgeon is the king of fishes. It is the keeper of long life and a fruitful old age and represents
power and endurance. It also teaches us to count our blessings, to avoid waste, to conserve and to share.

Thunderbird holds the Fire Clan and brings thunder, lightening and rain. The greatest of all the winged ones, Thunderbird is closest to the Creator. His fiery breath and blazing eyes carry the gift
of life and link the soul to the Great Mystery.

Turtle is the totem of the Earth Clan. Once, when there was only water and nowhere for the people and animals to go, Turtle made a great sacrifice and let everyone come and live on her back. TurtleIsland is the Native American name for the Earth or the continent. Turtle will be your guide
to contact our Earth Mother for wisdom and healing and reminds us, in return, to tread gently and with respect.

Wolf represents endurance and balance and teaches us to tread the fine line between dependence
and independence, between the needs of family and our own personal development. If it is time
for you to move on and start you own pack, wolf will support and guide you.

Woodpecker is a little worker that brings us closer to the healing energies of Mother Earth and teaches us to protect our environment - before it is too late.

Do you have a Medicine Bag ?

Native Americans traditionally used deerskin and hide bags of every size to carry everyday items. Among these were bags in which personal Medicine and Power objects, or smudging herbs would
be carried.

Your medicine bag is a place to keep those small items that bring healing, protection, power and wisdom. You will want to fill it with spiritual treasures - representing your power animals, plant helpers and gifts from the mineral world. The contents will be private to you, things of significance that you have been given or found and that remind you of important lessons or serve as a talisman
in some way. You may keep it with you always or only carry it when extra power is needed. A small Medicine Pouch is ideal to wear around your neck or keep in a pocket

Sweetgrass Trading has a selection of small Medicine Pouches as well as beautiful larger bags, beaded and fringed for special occasions.  

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