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Smudging Herbs

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California White Sage (Salvia apiana) Cleanse and remove negative energies, use before ceremony or prayer.

Loose sage - leaves and small sprigs
1 oz £3.50
Large Smudge Wand (8-9”) £9.75
Extra Large Smudge Wand (9”) £12.00
thick heavy wand over 4 oz

Medium Sage Smudge Wand (4”) £4.50
pictured below right
Medium Sage Smudge Wand (4.5”) £5.50 pictured below left

SH White Sage
medium CWS smudges 2
3 Smudge Wands

Unusual Smudge Wands (left to right)

Yerba Santa (Eriodichtyon tricocalyx) (7”) Create a healing sanctuary and protect against psychic toxins.       £7.50.

Chaparral, Larrea tridentata (9”)
Use like Sage for cleansing.    £9.00

Black or Hummingbird Sage,
Salvia mellifera (7” - 8”)
This sage has a beautiful honey aroma.
Use to cleanse and remove negativity.  £9.00

Sweetgrass (Hierochloe odorata) 
After cleansing, burn Sweetgrass to welcome in positive and healing energies.
Braids (18” - 22”) £7.50

Yerba Santa (Eriodictyon californicus) – create a healing sanctuary and protect against psychic toxins.
Loose leaves 0.5 oz £2.00

Osha Root (Ligusticum poteri) - for good luck, healing and protection, a popular personal talisman among
many Native American nations.
Loose root 2" £2.00

Incense Cedar (Libocedrus descurrens) Purify and create a bridge between heaven and earth. Used to banish nightmares.
Loose leaf needles 0.5 oz £2.00

SH Sweetgrass
Palo paint 15%

Illustrated clockwise: Palo Santo in Abalone shell, charcoal discs, Juniper, Copal Oro resin

(Juniperus occidentalis) Create a sacred and protective environment. Often carried as a talisman. Loose leaf and berries, 0.5 oz £2.00

Palo Santo (Holy Wood) Bursera graveolens
Revered by the Incas and traditionally used for purifying, cleansing, healing and banishing
evil spirits. Sustainably harvested from S America, the uplifting fragrance of Palo Santo will
raise your vibration in preparation for meditation and help you achieve a deeper connection to Source. Sticks are approx 4 inches long - either light a stick (extinguish carefully when
finished) or shave a little piece off and burn in a smudge pot or on a charcoal disc.
2 sticks (approx 0.5 oz) £4.50
5 sticks (approx 1 oz) £8.50

Copal Oro Resin Bureseru microphylla
Sacred to the Maya and named ‘blood of the trees’ it represents the elements of fire and water. Traditionally burned as ‘food for the Gods’ to protect against sorcery, misfortune and negative influences and to promote good health. Used today by Shamans for purification and to assist trance and journeying.
1 oz £4.00, 4 oz £13.50

Charcoal Discs
Roll of 10 Swift Lite discs for burning herbs or resins. 1 roll £1.50, 3 rolls £4.00

Abalone Shell traditionally used as a smudge pot to introduce the element of water to your ceremony
5-6" shell £7.50

Not illustrated

Biosun Hopi Ear Candles
Original Biosun Hopi & Aroma fragrances
Pair of Original Hopi candles with instruction leaflet £6.00
Pure beeswax, honey extract and traditional herbs eg sage, St.John’s wort & camomile
Pair of Orignial Biosun Aroma Candles with instruction leaflet 12 varieties £7.50
Biosun have infused their Hopi candles with pure essential oils to give added healing
properties, please ask about availability
For use see Healing

Smudging Feathers
are at Other Crafts

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