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Lakota Sioux Snowy Owl Prayer Feather

OCF 019

Hand painted to depict a Snowy Owl feather this creation is by Clayton Three Feathers. The quill is decorated with handloomed white and shades of blue glass beads. Off white suede tassels are adorned with blue and white glass beads and dainty silver coloured hawk bells. Signed descriptive scroll attached. Approximate size - feather and quill 10.5 ins, tassel 10 ins. A very special and beautifully balanced feather for smudging and ceremonial use.

Native Americans believe that feathers are from the Great Spirit. Birds are regarded as the highest spirit animal on earth and their feathers are used to carry prayers to the Great Spirit. Each Indian has their own prayer symbol for their prayer feather. Today they are used in the traditional way and also in the healing arts.

Other feathers depicting various birds of prey are available to order. Please enquire.