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Kate Cowin RN

Kate is a healer and complementary therapist. Much of her work is inspired and guided by Native American healing traditions and by some of their most revered Elders and Holy Men.   

    Apache Healing4

Angelic and Usui Reiki Healing for people and animals.
Spiritual Healing channels Divine Love from the Creator and has
the potential to bring comfort and healing to any situation.
Reiki Master, Kate works with the Angelic Realms,
her guides and animal teachers.
A healing session may also include a Smudging Ceremony,
aura clearing and chakra balancing.
Kate also attunes and trains students to become Angelic Reiki Practitioners Events & Courses

Reflexology is a specialised foot massage working with the
meridians to balance the body’s energies and so restore health.

Aromatherapy massage - individually prescribed blends of
pure essential oils to treat a wide range of conditions.

Hot Stone Massage working with the stone people. A deeply relaxing
and spiritually uplifting therapy using hot and cold stones

Hopi Ear Candle Therapy is based on the ancient practices of
the Hopi Indians for health and increased spiritual awareness.
Kate carries out this relaxing therapy to assist with ear wax,
vertigo, tinnitus, discomfort when flying, sinusitis and
other ear, nose and throat problems.

Kate is fully qualified and insured through Holistic Insurance Services
and is a member of the Angelic Reiki Association and the
British Complementary Medicine Association.
She works in the North East of England and Orkney.
Distant Healing is available.

Animal Healing and Animal Tracking
Kate is an Animal Healer and Animal Communicator
and has attended courses run by
Margrit Coates, Amelia Kinkade and Pea Horsley.
Healing and the tracking of missing pets -
you are invited to make a donation to
Kate’s favourite animal welfare charity 
Cruelty Free International formerly known as BUAV.

For more details or appointments, please telephone
0191 251 4120 or 07790 264 336
or email kate@sweetgrass.co.uk


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